Creating a story to introduce the “wednesday parent and kindy children’ s working in the garden theme” in Tienfu Waldorf Forest School, China.

The story was of “Lily” who is sleeping in the vegetable garden with her mum and baby Stella. She awakes and kisses her mum and sister and then touches the leaves of the lettuce and smells the Chinese onion flowers. She and her family walk past the root vegetable and seed storage of the year before’s crops and then arrive at the garden of many coloured flowers. She climbs up the flowers and smells and plays with them, then she slides down and begins to dig in the garden so she can plant her seeds. The song she sings is one Sandra wrote

“Seed seed tiny seed
in mother earth all cozy indeed,
Seed seed tiny seed :
root and stem you will need,
then 2 leaves and you are freed;
seed seed tiny seed:
oh and a blossom how beautiful indeed!”

Everyone then received a seed and the children and families paraded to the garden to dig in the plots the school has gifted the families to use as many of them live in towering apartment blocks.


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