Inner Mongolia Grasslands Nature & Drama Camp July 2015

As a group we faced our fears of nature and the unknown on our first ever Inner Mongolia nature and drama camp for 6-11 year olds.innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015_3

For the first time in their lives many of the children experienced hiking a mountain, dangling their feet in fresh icy mountain streams, bonding around the campfire and playing in ” natural sand” conditions . What a privilege to introduce them to the elements. We claimed Eco warrior status as we picked up rubbish wherever we explored: hills, grasslands and sand dunes.


Meal blessing and meeting Mongolian Grasslands hosts after our cooking lesson

sand dunes of genghis khan landsand dunes of genghis khan land2

Above: The Genghis Khan Tombs    mongolianhorseriding

Above: Horses from the Mongolian steppes.

Below: Our gracious hosts offering a meal blessing after our cooking lesson in the yurt where we then feasted.

mongoliangrasslandsyurt3 mongoliangrasslandsyurt2 mongoliangrasslandsyurt

Below: Hiking through the stunning beauty of Inner Mongolian Grasslands

innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015_5 innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015_4 innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015_3 innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015_2 innermongolianaturedramacampjuly2015 inner mongolia grasslands fresh water of grasslands examiningwhilepigjawboneinnermongolia5 examiningwhilepigjawboneinnermongolia4

Above & below: Examining the bone of wild pig jawexaminingwhilepigjawboneinnermongolia2examiningwhilepigjawboneinnermongolia3  examiningwhilepigjawboneinnermongolia

Below: Mongolian wrestling – such fun!

mongolianwrestling3 mongolianwrestling2 mongolianwrestling mongolianwrestling4


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