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Early Childhood and Family Life (adults or all ages)

  • Creating a Happy Healthy “Home” based Children’s Education Program
  • Tricky Transition Times made fun with integrity: Story, Song and Game
  • Cooking Gardening       Crafting
  • “Rest Times” and how to make them a beautiful experience for all

In Nature (adults or all ages)

  • Creating experiential “nature” based educational children’s programs
  • Biodynamic Agriculture as Transformation of Matter
  • How to make a Compost that creates lively nourishing soil
  • Making Agricultural medicines to support LIFE in soil, plant, animal & human
  • Making and application of Tree Pasting for benefit of trees & humans
  • “Goethean Observation”: Active meditation to deepen our connections to nature and each other

Cooking (adults or all ages)

  • Alchemy in the Kitchen: Sacred Laboratory
  • Science and Art of Sourdough Bread baking

Storytelling  (adult and youth )

  • Developing the Storyteller in you for educational and therapeutic benefit

Neuro Dramatic Play (adult, youth, children)

  • What is it ?
  • How to create opportunities for rhythm, sensory stimulation and drama ensuring healthy healing play for all

Celebration Creation (adults and youth)

  • “Preparing the Way: Creating a Meaning-Full Cultural Festival for your Family, Class and Community”

Soul Strengthening for All in your Community (adults or all ages)

The meaning of stories with audience- appropriate songs and activities

  • (Choose your own story or Sandra’s suggestion ie. )
  • “Caps for Sale” Children as imitators
  • “Red is Best” Children inherently connect with Colour
  • The Little Engine That Could: Motivational precursor to “Thomas the Engine”
  • Jack and the Beanstalk and gardening activity
  • Elves and the Shoemaker Felting slippers on you/ your child’s feet
  • The 3 Little Pigs”:Understanding the “building blocks” by Acting Story
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Archetypes to grow by
  • Sweet Porridge: A story of wisdom in children and/or our addictions
  • The Frog King: Uniting with our spirit in frightening times
  • Skeleton Woman: coming to terms with “baggage”
  • “Vasalisa”: embracing our good guide: INTUITION

Self in Community   (adults and youth)

  • Strong Flexible boundaries make Happy Healthy relationships
  • How Rhythm, Repetition and Rhyme Strengthen Self Esteem of all ages
  • Working together with all ages and capabilities

Study Groups (adults and youth)

  • How to host Supportive Study Groups for individual and community development

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