13295391_10206288406112196_1293640325_n“It is the first time I met her via the one-day-workshop in Tho Trang kindergarten in Saigon, in that lived again in carefree innocence of childhood lifetime. Perhaps she is an angle because everyone met her feel fortunate and happy. From her, radiating the energy source of freshness, happiness, love and filled with joy. In one day,  we are drawn, played with clay, sand, leaves, flowers, soil, flour, smelt the fresh flowers and leaves, heard the fairytales and healing stories. In whole day, almost all my senses to be awakened and my soul was singing. She talked about the child’s happiness, of being a parent, happy family but had no any theoretical cliché but all through the songs, the sound of lullabies, poems, stories, warm eyes, warm hugs and bursting out laugh. She said the children laugh 120 times a day, while adults seem very little, mostly polite smile. That why she loves living close with children to be laughed all day. She came to Vietnam to help parents ease the tensions, the burden of life to sit quiet, to really be present before their little children, to play, to create stories which be able to heal their souls and nourish their children’s souls. She helped communities to improve the living environment around, helping crops, help animals, help people understand the nature and life through nature. She said every time adult stress, help them a quiet place, lying on the hammock swaying lightly, massage their feet, giving them a warm cup of tea and a small cake. They really need a warm hug, really needs to be healing. I wish that she shall come back Viet Nam very soonthank she went to Vietnam. thank Mr.Tri and the teachers of Tho Trang kindergarten invited her come to Viet Nam”.
You are my angle. I wish all the best to you!
With love!

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