“Trudie and I have incorporated a few things into our kindy program and so far they are going well and warmly received – but most lovingly appreciated from us has been the confidence to give the process of sourdough a go in our kindy – the children have named our creature “Poi Dough” – baby poi feasts on the flour and liquid and special treats to become the batter until finally poi is ready to eat again and be turned into our bread the following week. Our jar of cream magically turned into a ball of sunshine whilst everyone was playing and randomly shaking the jar, my what yumminess the butter was, and buttermilk for our tea and Poi……The other aspect we love is that we have now incorporated a monday bush walk and picnic where the adventurers follow tracks, watch for kangaroos, listen for the birds & crush rocks to find crystals and lastly logs to sit on to share our food. Thursday is now our bush play day, where we stay in one designated area and build cubbies, climb on fallen trees and learn to be brave and courageous, look at the small things and the large….it has been a wonderful first week.

The week even ended with an improvised story about a band of brave adventurers who ended out the garden gate and off out into the bush beyond, and what did they discover…….?

Thankyou everyone for a wonderful inspiring week.”

– Sheoaka, 28/7/16

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