AN example of my Comprehensive Consulting:

One fine day in March, I was offered the challenge to compose a story for a nine- year old boy living in a state of emotional and social and familial crisis. Particulars about his interests and behaviours, gave me necessary clues for ‘the healing story’. As this boy enjoyed rap artists, I chose that style to convey the message. In further conversations with his mother, I suggested that his bedroom could be considered a ‘safe, go to place’, and it could be adorned accordingly. According to her report, he was chuffed with the ‘poem’ below that had been written especially for him. Months later she reports that he is ‘much better’ and that they still recite parts of the poem together. (I sent audio and visual renditions so that they could ‘live into’ my intent.)


Zip Zip Zippy Green Fluro Fish

Zip Zip Zippy Green Fluro Fish, lives in the depths of the blue, blue sea. His friends are all full of colour like he.

Bright green, Bright green. Bright green now. Zippy knows all the creatures in the vast blue sea. Some of whom take pleasure in knowing he.

Zippy knows what they eat, he knows where they roam. He knows how they sleep, and if they can make foam. With bubbles from the mouth? Body too?

Zip Zip, Zipping all around the sea. Zip Zip Zippy gives all, all, all of his en- er -gy. He is in the know of where a fish should go.

Other fish of his colour, they follow him. Shining, Black eyes. Rimmed with white. Masked-like, the fish, they move like a real- cool – troop.

Swooping, diving, divining along. Flying?  Swimming? What a song! Same, same. Same, same. Same, same now.

In the tall, thick, sea-kelp forest of dark. In voluminous ocean swell: Up and down, sway. Zip Zip Zippy and all of his friends, dart, in between.

Waving, bumpy, elongating kelp leaves. Hiding, sliding, all along slimy kelp stalks. Edging, up, up, up so high. The light is shining oh so bright. Hey, is that the sky, all bubbly blue?

And down, down, down again. To the bottom of the sandy sea bed. Zip Zip Zippy, with all of his green friends, slide in and glide out making a green fluro stream. Slip, slip, slipping by. Mercury?

Whoa, here is Massive Octopus waving all eight arms adorned with suction cups: large to small, small. Zip Zip Zippy and his so cool friends Zig zag in a line. Not bothered at all by that massive creature at any time.

Gracious Anemone opens and closes red slender fingers long. Beckoning, beckoning. So long, so long.

The bulky silver fish sloop, sloop, boop, booping along. Every creature changes its’ pace, as adventure is available all over the place. Life hunts life, that is part of the race.

The creatures they hide, where ever they can. Each one, staying alive. As long as it can. Hiding in a crevice of a rock real small. Or, behind a strand of grass growing, oh so tall.

Or, in a dark, dark cave. That is where Zip Zip Zippy gets lost. There he can spy, on to the world, rushing by. As soon as danger is past, out swims Zip Zip Zippy. Free again, at last.

One day, a large dark shadow comes over Zippy’s home. An anchor bounces down into the sand making clouds, a smoky tone. Two enormous creatures splash into the sea. They float and they kick towards our Zi-ppy.

He swims around these two lugs. Testing, testing, testing: are they enemies? He swims toward his fav –our- ite hiding place. It’s the darkest shelter, like outer space.

It’s where he goes when the ocean has a storm and all of the bottom is a churn. Safe, from over-whelm.

There in the cave he is ‘safe’ today. His friends are in their ‘possies’, too. Oh, oh. Those great big swimming ‘things’ invade the resting – cave too.

One is bigger than the other. Oh, oh, oh.  What to do? Be still. Be still. Be still now.

Zip Zip Zippy and his friends like he, they hold themselves sooooooo still. The Two, they do lift, this and that. Peering, exposing, and over-turning. Not like anyone Zip Zip Zippy knows before. Zippy fish retreats backwards then into the darkest crevice there.

His white rimmed glossy black eyes peer, and see. Ahh, Phew They are gone. Ahh, Phew they are gone!

Zip Zip Zippy he follows them out of his cave, and all the way. To where the darkened water is, still. Those strange large fish are really gone? Following their bubbles, all along Those same, same clouds in the sand are made as the great chain pulls upward, now.

Zip Zip Zippy sees the colour of his sky does change as the shadow gets moving, moving, moving, all away. If he could hear what is said on the shadow above, it is: ‘Batten down the hatches, there is a storm to clear’. Away, zips the shadow on the water, near. For Zip Zip Zippy, ‘the coast is clear’.

He can swim. He can glide. He can dive. Free again, in the deep blue sea, with his friends so near-by.

April 2, 2017   by   Sandra Frain


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