Class 2 Gardening Fun


Class 2 are having a wonderful time in their gardening lessons this term, making the most of the lovely summery weather.  With Gardening Teacher Sandra Frain and parent volunteers, the children have been hard at work planting, potting, pruning, fertilising, watering, digging, raking, harvesting, tasting, smelling and discovering.

A highlight for Class 2 was harvesting the excellent crop of carrots that Class 3 planted while they were still at Castlecrag last year, a living gift from one class to the next. In small groups, the children took turns pulling a carrot – there was the double one, the tall one, the curly one, and the one that just wouldn’t come out. So just like the tale about the giant turnip, the children and adults held onto the carrot and each other – and they pulled and they pulled until out came that last one! We all tasted the fresh leaves, and at pick-up time Class Teacher Jamie Loftus cut up a carrot to share as a perfect healthy snack, less than an hour out of the soil.


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