Sandra Frain (Bachelor of Child Study Degree & Masters in Steiner Education, Emphasis on Biodynamics and special needs children)

Sandra is well known locally for her creation of educational programs for young children and their families. The outdoors is her palette and the kitchen her altar as she weaves celebration of life for all to participate. Sandra has therapeutic stories published in Susan Perrow’s Healing Stories book now translated into many languages. Sandra’s adult stories have been featured frequently on Bay FM radio’s “Heart of the Story” . She is a founding member of the Byron Bay Storytellers circle. She is considered an inspirational “elder”in the Steiner Education movement in Australia, New York and Fiji. People liken working with her to being in a musical: Singing life. Sandra Frain BCS MSC (ED)

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Some words from Sandra:

My Business is my motto: Living Loving Learning (and Laughing too) Educational Programs for People of all Ages .

I am deeply committed to working individually and in groups on personal growth with world conscience. I am dynamic, progressive, practical, informative and wise. I can accomplish constructive projects with hard to reach populations.

I am Entrepreneurial, Philanthropic, Care taking  & a Nature- Loving Teacher.

I was born in Colombia in 1958 and left there for Canada via Scotland 6 years later (when the civil war broke out that is still going on). My parents created beautiful homes and gardens in our many places of residence. They were community activists locally, nationally and globally. Our home was vibrant with intellectual and  artistic expression: Libertarians and humanitarians were welcome.

Genealogical study reveals my bloodline of productive activists for thousands of years in many parts of the world.

“Educational programs for all ages” is my modality for expressing my commitment  to  self development through community development in education.

The idea of Living Loving Learning and (Laughing too) implies that “getting through the day with what is on offer” is a starting point for a healthy “program”. “Loving” may be a mode or a goal but it is not necessarily “a given”.   Learning is what supports our growth. If we can “love learning” while living, we are blessed. Laughing : a tonic of release for good health and a social binder.

A ripening combination of life experience; formal and informal education have led me to have the confidence to offer my educational programs for all.







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