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Here is a testimonial from a former wheat farmer who now hosts Perth Biodynamic Group. In July this year she attended Sandra Frain’s biodynamic day in Perth.  She brought along the preps for the compost making and the stirring.  She teaches a parent/teacher biodynamic group and also how to make preps at the Perth Steiner school.

‘Hello Sandra, it was such an amazing experience attending the biodynamic day of your [teacher training] course.  There were so many instances which I can only describe as the light bulb in my head fusing with the light in my heart.  You spoke from a place in your heart where not many dare go.  Heidi.



“The environments for the workshops were made so cozy, so inviting. The workshops were engaging for all. We were Living the pedagogy not just talking about it or being lectured to. Many participants have not heard a story nor seen a puppet show. This would have been new to them. I enjoyed the tactile experiences: the grains, the dough, the wool. I can’t wait to do this with my children at home , with my class. The workshops are counter culture because most teachers and teaching institutions don’t teach this way: actually doing what we would so with the children. It was so refreshing”.

“After the “Joy of Learning and Parenting” experiential workshop,  the school teachers were more joyful; they were singing, they made a calm and loving mood for the children and they created some of the activities you taught us like using grains and clay for dry and wet moulding opportunities. The boys especially loved these. The mood in the classrooms was more joyous and calm. The ‘circles’ had more ‘intention’”.

“Parents reported being more attentive to their children ( various ages),  following Sandra’s encouragement that parents give their children eye contact when speaking with them, and be genuine in their interest while communicating with their children”.

“A parent who attended both educational evenings spoke of singing to her young children more and noticing an uplifted mood. She said that her children enjoyed the “messy sensorial play activities and that she personally also feels these health benefits. She was delighted to make an impromptu story for introducing a birthday present to her  captivated children, along with the song” From you I receive to you I give”.

“Sarah said the most important message for her of “The Joy of Parenting “ evening was for her to be “more intentional “ as a parent. She sees that she is often trying to “get the parenting out of the way so she can get on with what she needs to do”. This evening helped her to see that she could enjoy being with her children more. She can enjoy the process and be less”results” oriented”.

“Ian said he was grateful to have learned so much about so much including child development and ways that he can be with his child. He did not realize there was so much scope in the topic. It gave him a lot to think about”.



“Thank you for such a beautiful heart felt joyous meaningful experience on Saturday.”

“Thank you Sandra for a beautiful day. I felt so uplifted afterwards.”

“Thank you for the real space to be able to feel comfortable enough to release some emotion.”

Stay tuned for more workshops this month across CANADA. 



Inspired Dedication to Children’s Health-full Education

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We strengthen our abilities in Word and Deed with Rhythm, Routine and Ritual.

Saturday, September 10,2016 9:30am-3:30pm – Lilly Pilly Pre School 96 Kingsford Drive Brunswick Heads

Neuro Scientists internationally concur that PLAY is the way for us all to learn the Natural ‘order’ of life: language & maths, science& art.  Picturesque/Dramatic’ stories & songs do ensure we can happily Thrive. In Every-day life at Home and at School : Creative Teaching

$65 for the upcoming learning filled day and do bring a  luncheon plate please for us to share.

(Morning tea and “Professional Development” certificate provided) ­

DO  Register: sandrafrain58@gmail.com   PH: 0413 271 308



Thank you to Stephanie who recorded some of our professional development work together in the ” Dig in the Mud ” (July 11-15, 2016 ) in Perth. We adventurers sang, storied and transitioned to outdoor play. Then   ‘Doll’ making, all the while “releasing the storyteller within “. We learned how to fulfil our individual destiny making unique felted slippers. We made healthy compost and studied the components of the Biodynamic medicines for healing our earth. Exploring the land in the hills outside Perth brought joy and mirth to our exploration. We made butter, cheese and sourdough bread, later we wove our biographical rags and “dry felted” our destiny slippers. Finally a celebratory festival choreographed by All and embellished by natural dying thanks to queen Lindy . Our daily studies of all topics related to early childhood care-education deepened our knowledge of ourselves. We made our own colourful historical journals to record our stories and visions of the stand alone week. Thanks to all brought teary acknowledgement : our visionary coordinator Jenny Hill , our generous hostess Rose, and our tea/lunch detail mother : Lesley. I give thanks to the group for their hearty appreciation of my offerings, and gifts from the Nature Kingdom too. As we made our last embraces, we pledged to enjoy learning together again.

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“Trudie and I have incorporated a few things into our kindy program and so far they are going well and warmly received – but most lovingly appreciated from us has been the confidence to give the process of sourdough a go in our kindy – the children have named our creature “Poi Dough” – baby poi feasts on the flour and liquid and special treats to become the batter until finally poi is ready to eat again and be turned into our bread the following week. Our jar of cream magically turned into a ball of sunshine whilst everyone was playing and randomly shaking the jar, my what yumminess the butter was, and buttermilk for our tea and Poi……The other aspect we love is that we have now incorporated a monday bush walk and picnic where the adventurers follow tracks, watch for kangaroos, listen for the birds & crush rocks to find crystals and lastly logs to sit on to share our food. Thursday is now our bush play day, where we stay in one designated area and build cubbies, climb on fallen trees and learn to be brave and courageous, look at the small things and the large….it has been a wonderful first week.

The week even ended with an improvised story about a band of brave adventurers who ended out the garden gate and off out into the bush beyond, and what did they discover…….?

Thankyou everyone for a wonderful inspiring week.”

– Sheoaka, 28/7/16