2015 is United Nations “YEAR of the Soil”. We are joining the world effort by making healthy compost with which to aerate and nourish the existing red clay, orange clay and grey clay that forms the basis of Tienfu ( Forest in Heaven: Tien is ” heaven” fu is “forest”) in Sichuan province, south west China.

Last week our agriculture group cleared an “island” of plastic rubbish from its permanent vortex in the grey stream that runs through the property. (YES a microcosm of that Pacific Ocean Island of floating world rubble.)

Spruce and bamboo forests rim the fruit tree orchards and vegetable gardens on this forested mountain that is close to the sky. Discovering multitudes of golden stones and white quartz rimmed grey rocks remind us that this is ancient land. We taste the resins from the Spruce and Fruit trees as it drips in this Spring tide. Perhaps farmers hundreds of years from now will dig up crystalised stones formed from liquids of today.




This Easter Sandra took part in the ancient Chinese festival of Qing Ming or ‘Sweeping of the Tomb’ where she also discovered a surprising and ancient appearance of the egg! Sandra was asked as a “resident” festival creator, Waldorf educator, community developer and storyteller to support an  “EASTER Egg Hunt ” component of the Tomb Sweeping Festival and read more to hear her special Easter Story especially written for this Chinese Festival.

Bunny Sandra


Tomb sweeping has been included in the Qing Ming (said Sheee ming) festival for more than 2000 years. AND the EGGS were also part of festivities. They were put at the top of a stream and the lucky lovers who caught an egg at the bottom of the stream would have good luck in reproducing children. However, it seems most Chinese don’t know about this and so though BEAUTIFUL hand painted eggs are sold in their artisan markets, the “egg practise” is no longer included in the “Tomb Sweeping” festivities. With all this in mind, Sandra created the following story to support the significance of the HARE as the deliverer of eggs in the Christian tradition. Of course the HARE is also revered by Buddhists for the ability to self sacrifice for others. The wisdom of the source of fertility which is celebrated in “honouring what has past that now functions as good fertiliser for what is to be born under the potent light and nourishing forces of moon and sun in cycling together. Look to the skies for wisdom of earth.  

In her story she relays that when the hands are held together as in prayer,  it is the shape of the egg and grain and budding leaf or blossom. Thus the two pillars of “Gratitude and Love” are emblazened in the deed of the HARE’s  gifting  of eggs.  They are symbolically and true-ly,  full of the golden sun held in the white of the moon. 





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