Creating Meaning-Full Festivals

Preparing the Way: Creating a Meaning-Full Festival for your Family, Class and Community

Organised and Presented by Sandra Frain BCS MSC (Ed)

With over 20 years in North America and Australia, Sandra has worked inspirationally with willing friends to present more than 60 Unique Festivals in a Community Spirit.

These Festivals exemplify Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s challenge that Seasonally, we must Communally gift the Spiritual World with a Celebration of Gratitude for the Abundant Life we have here on Earth. Together we endeavour in “Joyous Sacrifice”.

Explore and create seasonal and festival celebrations that speak to your family, class or community through the study and practical applications of:

  • Poetic informing from Seasonal Archangels (How do we represent what we interpret?)
  • Sourcing indications from the Spiritual World: Meditation, Reflection, Creation
  • Exploring symbolism in our World Cultures and Environments
  • Sharing our message via Dramatic Arts (in nature – in doors): Story, Song, Acting, Puppets/Marionettes and Decore ie. “Festival Table”
  • Wet Felting “Destiny” Slippers for ourselves: the “Care Takers”



* Please contact Sandra to find out more about the structure, timing and cost of this workshop via email


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