Kindergarten Programs


There are a number of workshops & activities I can offer when working with young children. Here are just a few examples.

Preparing Food Together

Preparing our food for the day we may ask: What are we peeling and chopping? How has it grown? The archetypal dynamics of physics and alchemy within the art of caring for children while they participate in meaningful activity are explored. A sourdough damper to wrap on sticks and toast on the fire will introduce topics of carbohydrates, gluten and warmth.

Learning outcomes of Preparing food together:

• How to make “everyday activity” sacred
• Connecting with materials so that they are embodied
• (understanding “spirit into matter and matter into spirit” )
• Enagaging ourselves as teachers of physics and alchemy
• Workspace as an altar for connecting with the spiritual task at hand

Outdoor Learning

With the objects of nature that have “spoken to us” I will create an ‘on the spot” puppet show and share with you reflections of Puppetry work. We will meander thoughtfully through the Mullumbimby Heritage Park that is currently our base for this “Rainforest Kindergarten” . Together we will examine a number of options for outdoor learning. Where? Why? How? When? With whom? Safety issues will be discussed. Let us indulge in Morning Tea at one magical grove and I will tell a story especially composed for the occasion at another. Yes we will sing and we will gather impressions for a take home poem at the end of the day. The relevance of inspiration, imagination and intuition for reverence will be revealed.

Learning outcomes for Puppetry, story, song and creating out door learning spaces Understanding the value of puppets, story and song as a medium for :

  • Overall positive health giving
  • Physical development
  • Language development
  • Social skill development
  • Cognitive skills
  • Bonding with elements of nature (including people, places and animal, vegetable mineral)
  • Spiritual development
  • Experiencing “safety in sacred spaces “ (rather than fear in the unknown)
  • Enjoying adventure

Please click here for examples of songs & stories in my work.


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