“Thank you for such a beautiful heart felt joyous meaningful experience on Saturday.”

“Thank you Sandra for a beautiful day. I felt so uplifted afterwards.”

“Thank you for the real space to be able to feel comfortable enough to release some emotion.”

Stay tuned for more workshops this month across CANADA. 



Story, Song, Food, Craft:  “Cultural Celebrations of Life” 
Children’s “Natural” Education Programs for home & school with Sandra Frain
WHEN: Saturday June 4, 2016, 9:30am-3:30pm
WHERE: Lilly Pilly Community Preschool 96 Kingsford Drive Brunswick Heads
COST: $65. 00 Morning and afternoon tea included. Plate to share for lunch please.
RSVP: to Sandra at
Welcome Educators All: Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Care givers, Specialists, Aunties, Uncles, Camp Leaders too.
Why? Who ? What?  Where? When?: Ascertaining the needs of your personal & professional community for birthday, seasonal, religious and healing celebrations. Together we create a “Festival” with all the necessary components for a MEANING – FULL health giving celebration.
(Certificates of attendence awarded)
Sandra Frain is a skilled workshop facilitator who has been devoted to the development of meaningful nature based educational programs for many decades. She coaches/mentors teachers and parents Internationally. Currently she is teaching ECE and  Biodynamic Agriculture in Vietnam. In the Byron Shire Sandra known for her successfull “Family Style” Day Care that she hosted in her Mullumbimby home for Seven years. The Community Based Festivals created with her families and friends were a highlight of her program. Sandra has formal credentials including a Masters in Steiner Education.



Regional Meeting of the Australian Steiner Early Childhood Association

The Regional Meeting for the Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education was held on Saturday 19h March 2016,  at Cape Byron Steiner School. Presenter Sandra Frain brought the room of around 30 participants a creative, informative and humorous workshop on preparing a biodynamic compost and liquid preparations. Through story, song and poetry, Sandra wove in the impulses of the animal world, the plant kingdom and the forces of the cosmos and the role they play in the creation of the beautiful, rich, living compost.

As parents of children attending CBRSS, and early childhood educators working at Periwinkle Preschool, it was great to be actively participating in making a practical contribution to the School. The children will benefit from the fruits of our enthusiastic work as they can add preps to the soil and participate in the unveiling of the compost and spreading it around the vegetable gardens. We all felt a connection with the land around the school and each other as we worked together to spread the biodynamic liquid preparations  (500 and 501) around the Kindergarten. It was refreshing to be encouraged to really get dirty, and feel the mud and earth below us.

Sandra’s enthusiasm during the workshop was totally infectious. We laughed as we worked together, we sang and we shared stories and experiences as a group. Not only did we learn ways to nurture and honour the earth around us, we finished the day nurturing and honouring each other with lemon foot baths and hand/foot massages with Anthroposophically prepared sphagni moss lotions.

All the staff from our Preschool felt informed and nourished by Sandra’s work and play. Many thanks to Sandra Frain and the Kindergarten staff at Cape Byron for a great regional meeting.

Kellie Dean, Bess Pegram Jones, Simon McLean, and Cynthia Harris.




Making “Cow pat pit” AKA “barrell compost” with the Northern Rivers Biodynamic group. This is a mix of fresh cow manure, pulverised egg shells and basalt rock. We knead it and stir it for one hour and then put it in a  lined pit  with some horn manure and cover it with valerian preparation  that has been stirred in fresh water for 10 minutes. In a couple of months it will be a potent  fertilizer to put into out gardens for active microbial and root support.

During our scrumptious shared  lunch I made a presentation on the recent  Teaching of Biodynamic Agriculture I have had the privilege to share with many friends and colleagues in China. A lively discussion followed with many pledging to get more involved in sharing their own BD knowledge with others.
Our group  will next meet to view  Gunther Hauk’s “Hour of Decision” movie. Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary in West Virgina has created this movie to educate widely on the plight of the bees. Gunther was my first and primary Biodynamic Agriculture  teacher in 1997 and on. Being his intern in the Pfeiffer Centre Garden in Chestnut Ridge New York was a foundational experience for me that still informs me.
http://www.spikenard honeybee sanctuary