Thank you to Stephanie who recorded some of our professional development work together in the ” Dig in the Mud ” (July 11-15, 2016 ) in Perth. We adventurers sang, storied and transitioned to outdoor play. Then   ‘Doll’ making, all the while “releasing the storyteller within “. We learned how to fulfil our individual destiny making unique felted slippers. We made healthy compost and studied the components of the Biodynamic medicines for healing our earth. Exploring the land in the hills outside Perth brought joy and mirth to our exploration. We made butter, cheese and sourdough bread, later we wove our biographical rags and “dry felted” our destiny slippers. Finally a celebratory festival choreographed by All and embellished by natural dying thanks to queen Lindy . Our daily studies of all topics related to early childhood care-education deepened our knowledge of ourselves. We made our own colourful historical journals to record our stories and visions of the stand alone week. Thanks to all brought teary acknowledgement : our visionary coordinator Jenny Hill , our generous hostess Rose, and our tea/lunch detail mother : Lesley. I give thanks to the group for their hearty appreciation of my offerings, and gifts from the Nature Kingdom too. As we made our last embraces, we pledged to enjoy learning together again.

Video 1

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