“I found so much of what happened very important and appropriate…As Tahlia said I can’t wait for the next one” 

“Fabulous workshop”

“You facilitate with grace and happily lead us to find ourselves and our ways”



Story, Song, Food, Craft:  “Cultural Celebrations of Life” 
Children’s “Natural” Education Programs for home & school with Sandra Frain
WHEN: Saturday June 4, 2016, 9:30am-3:30pm
WHERE: Lilly Pilly Community Preschool 96 Kingsford Drive Brunswick Heads
COST: $65. 00 Morning and afternoon tea included. Plate to share for lunch please.
RSVP: to Sandra at
Welcome Educators All: Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Care givers, Specialists, Aunties, Uncles, Camp Leaders too.
Why? Who ? What?  Where? When?: Ascertaining the needs of your personal & professional community for birthday, seasonal, religious and healing celebrations. Together we create a “Festival” with all the necessary components for a MEANING – FULL health giving celebration.
(Certificates of attendence awarded)
Sandra Frain is a skilled workshop facilitator who has been devoted to the development of meaningful nature based educational programs for many decades. She coaches/mentors teachers and parents Internationally. Currently she is teaching ECE and  Biodynamic Agriculture in Vietnam. In the Byron Shire Sandra known for her successfull “Family Style” Day Care that she hosted in her Mullumbimby home for Seven years. The Community Based Festivals created with her families and friends were a highlight of her program. Sandra has formal credentials including a Masters in Steiner Education.



“Of all the teachers we have had here in 8 years the student have learned most from you. In addition to teaching them of nature and children and teaching, you have taught them of their own Chinese land and culture.” (Li Yen- Founder of Phoenix Academy)

“Before your teaching I did not know how to play. Know I know how to play and how to play with children. I will practice a lot because I know how important it is. Thank you Sandra.” (Student, 27)

“You have taught us freedom to think and draw and tell stories. That what we do is important. This is a new way of education for us. Now we can share that way with the children. We did not know another way until now. You are the best teacher we have ever had because you help us care for ourselves.” (Student, 23)

“No one has ever listened to us before. They were not interested. Now I know what it feels like to be listened to and understood. Now I know how to do that for the children. Thank you Sandra.” (Student, 18)

“You treated us as equals, none of us better than the other. Each voice was as important as the other and through role playing a potential complex problem at camp I have learned what it feels like to be a different point of view to my own. This was really powerful for me. Thank you.” (Student, 20)

“I was afraid of communicating with other people before I came to this training. I am not afraid any more. I enjoyed sharing my stories and pictures. An outstanding memories for me of this week was when you said we are not just the teacher, we are the farmer and doctor and artist too. I am really excited to think of my work this way. Thank you.” (Counsellor, 30)

“I’ve been to a few nature training with children sessions. They are boring and just about the rules that children must follow. We don’t learn about what to do with children. Now I have some ideas of what to do with children and then there is not much need for rules.” (Student, 22)

“I have learned the most important thing is to make a rainbow bridge between myself and the child. I know how to do this with all of the children now. Thank you for teaching me how to make friends. You are my best friend and teacher. Thank you.” (Worker with abandoned children, 27)

“I never thought I would make a doll out of thing air, or create a powerful and unconstrained story, or draw something on a piece of white paper, because previous education has always been missing this piece. When I look at these, I feel a sense of achievement and think I overcame this fear, not just communication with a foreign teacher, but to create something takes courage. I think the teacher’s education succeeded, because with such courage I might change my attitude to life and how I handle things.” (Student, 23)