“The environments for the workshops were made so cozy, so inviting. The workshops were engaging for all. We were Living the pedagogy not just talking about it or being lectured to. Many participants have not heard a story nor seen a puppet show. This would have been new to them. I enjoyed the tactile experiences: the grains, the dough, the wool. I can’t wait to do this with my children at home , with my class. The workshops are counter culture because most teachers and teaching institutions don’t teach this way: actually doing what we would so with the children. It was so refreshing”.

“After the “Joy of Learning and Parenting” experiential workshop,  the school teachers were more joyful; they were singing, they made a calm and loving mood for the children and they created some of the activities you taught us like using grains and clay for dry and wet moulding opportunities. The boys especially loved these. The mood in the classrooms was more joyous and calm. The ‘circles’ had more ‘intention’”.

“Parents reported being more attentive to their children ( various ages),  following Sandra’s encouragement that parents give their children eye contact when speaking with them, and be genuine in their interest while communicating with their children”.

“A parent who attended both educational evenings spoke of singing to her young children more and noticing an uplifted mood. She said that her children enjoyed the “messy sensorial play activities and that she personally also feels these health benefits. She was delighted to make an impromptu story for introducing a birthday present to her  captivated children, along with the song” From you I receive to you I give”.

“Sarah said the most important message for her of “The Joy of Parenting “ evening was for her to be “more intentional “ as a parent. She sees that she is often trying to “get the parenting out of the way so she can get on with what she needs to do”. This evening helped her to see that she could enjoy being with her children more. She can enjoy the process and be less”results” oriented”.

“Ian said he was grateful to have learned so much about so much including child development and ways that he can be with his child. He did not realize there was so much scope in the topic. It gave him a lot to think about”.




Welcome All Educators and Staff to the ancient world-wide craft of: 

“Wet” and Dry Felting”

 with soft sheep’s fleece of white, and many sublime colours.

Wednesday  April 6, 2016 – 6:30pm-8:30pm

Ballina Byron Family Day Care Ooffice – 17 Brunswick Street, Ballina


You will learn:

  • Facts of the sheep’s wool: How and why is it a healthy modality for children to be exposed to and to do ‘craft’ with?
  • How to “play” with the fleece.
  • How to create a mat or ball or shell with fleece, soap and water.
  • How to “ dry-needle felt” flowers, animals, designs or patterns.
  • We will story & laugh, creating “simply beautiful things” for our world.
  • You will learn how to offer the same for your children and families.

Materials and Light Supper included.

Developing our skills of Imagination from Inspiration, we will hone our  Observation efforts. Our own Self Expression, and Intuition will ensure children are safe and will flourish with this craft activity.  “Special needs” too will be enveloped.

Sandra Frain has been devoted to the development of meaningful educational programs for many decades. She has most recently been coaching and mentoring teachers and parents in various parts of China. In the Byron Shire Sandra is best known for her successful “Family Style” Day Care that she hosted in her Mullumbimby home for Seven years. Crafting has been a part of Sandra’s life from childhood. She is from a lineage of Hand- workers”. Sandra has formal credentials including a Bachelor of Child Study and a  Masters in Steiner Education. Sandra Frain: Living loving learning (and Laughing too) Educational programs for people of all ages